Your Stillwater Root Canal & Cavity Repair Experts

About The Procedure

Our Stillwater root canal and cavity repair experts know that sometimes the only way to save a tooth is a root canal. Situations that require root canals can vary. In most cases, an infection caused by tooth decay is the culprit. Other possible causes could be a fractured tooth or a necrotic or dying tooth. During a root canal procedure, an opening is made through the top of the tooth into the pulp chamber. The pulp is removed, and the root canals are cleaned, enlarged, and shaped. The root canals are then filled. In some cases, a post may be placed in the root canal as structural support. The top of the tooth is then restored to its original shape. 

Routine Root Canals

Our Stillwater restorative dentistry office routinely provides root canal and cavity repair services for our patients. However, occasionally referrals to the endodontist, or root canal specialist are appropriate. Sometimes patients experience post-procedure pain. Our family dentistry doctors will ensure that you are completely numb and pain-free during the actual root canal procedure, but it may take three to seven days for the tooth site to heal.

Comfort Is Our Goal

At Stillwater Dental Associates, we strive to make you feel comfortable during procedures performed by our professional dentists and hygienists. We keep you informed and educated on dental health while addressing your dental concerns and issues, including treatments such as root canals. Stressing over a root canal procedure and the potential cost shouldn’t be necessary. After contacting Stillwater Dental Associates about your root canal and cavity repair questions and concerns, we guarantee you will feel relieved to find a restorative dentistry office that cares for you and your teeth.

During a root canal procedure, we want to be as comfortable as possible. Our dental hygienists will make sure you’re treated with the latest painless techniques to ensure the best in dental comfort and care. Want to obtain more information and see if a root canal is right for you? Call us today to set up an appointment and learn more about our Stillwater area root canal and cavity repair services!      

What Our Friends Have To Say:

“Our family loves Stillwater Dental Associates. The hygienists and Zach are great with all of our kids, and there is no fear of going to the dentist because they make the experience a fun time! We have always received great personal and gentle care, and we highly recommend SDA.”

– The Brown Family

“I recently got my teeth filed from Dr. Jungers and had the best experience at this office. Not only were the staff extremely friendly and helpful, but Dr. Jungers made my teeth look amazing. I went to a high school reunion a few days later and actually got complimented on my teeth.”

– C. Taylor

“My family has been receiving their high degree of expertise and superb treatments for 25+ years. Doctors, Hygienists, and the office staff are very professional/friendly. Everyone in the office listens to us, pays great attention to our needs and takes the time to explain things to us. The very best dentist office!”

– Y.B.

“I have been so pleased with my experience at Stillwater Dental Associates. Dr. McNickle & all of the staff are so kind & considerate. I would highly recommend them. Thank you very much.”

– M. Littau


“Stillwater Dental Associates help me to smile! They provide a relaxed atmosphere with personable staff who make me feel at ease. I truly enjoy seeing them every six months!”

– G. McBride


“Stillwater dental associates are like family to us! I have never enjoyed the dentist, but they are so gentle and caring. They all want to help overall health by improving dental health! My girls want to stop by and say “Hi” even when we don’t have an appointment! This is an amazing place I highly recommend!”

– The Tharp Family