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About The Procedure

Cavities which are not treated early can lead to root canals or even loss of teeth. A cavity can be diagnosed in several ways. Often a cavity is discovered during a routine cleaning and exam; it can appear as a soft area in the tooth that our explorers actually penetrate. Radiographs, or dental x-rays, performed by our Stillwater dentists are helpful in diagnosing interproximal decay (a cavity between the teeth) as well as infections below the gum line that can be problematic. These diagnostic tools allow us to save more of your tooth structure. Our goal as Stillwater dentists is to find teeth before decay leads to painful symptoms and requires tooth filling or cavity repair.

The Common Cavity

Cavities are the most common dental issue that can occur on the teeth. Many cavity-related issues arise for a variety of reasons including not brushing or flossing regularly, not having routine cleanings, or lack of knowledge in dental hygiene. At Stillwater Dental Associates, we understand your concerns and issues with having a cavity. Our professional and qualified hygienists will ensure your comfortable the entire procedure and will gladly answer any of your questions or concerns. We ensure a quick and painless procedure to eliminate your cavity issues.

Custom Cavity Treatments

In certain cases, if cavities are ignored, it can lead to serious dental issues including root canals or tooth loss. At Stillwater Dental Associates, we will help you evaluate your options and the severity of the cavity. To ensure you find the most cost effective solution, we work with many different insurance providers and offer flexible financing. If you have cavity concerns, give our office a call. We’ll set up a comprehensive exam and dental x-ray to examine your needs and determine whether or not you will need tooth fillings or cavity repair. At Stillwater Dental Associates, we are dedicated to saving teeth in every way possible.

What Our Friends Have To Say:

“Our family loves Stillwater Dental Associates. The hygienists and Zach are great with all of our kids, and there is no fear of going to the dentist because they make the experience a fun time! We have always received great personal and gentle care, and we highly recommend SDA.”

– The Brown Family

“I recently got my teeth filed from Dr. Jungers and had the best experience at this office. Not only were the staff extremely friendly and helpful, but Dr. Jungers made my teeth look amazing. I went to a high school reunion a few days later and actually got complimented on my teeth.”

– C. Taylor

“My family has been receiving their high degree of expertise and superb treatments for 25+ years. Doctors, Hygienists, and the office staff are very professional/friendly. Everyone in the office listens to us, pays great attention to our needs and takes the time to explain things to us. The very best dentist office!”

– Y.B.

“I have been so pleased with my experience at Stillwater Dental Associates. Dr. McNickle & all of the staff are so kind & considerate. I would highly recommend them. Thank you very much.”

– M. Littau


“Stillwater Dental Associates help me to smile! They provide a relaxed atmosphere with personable staff who make me feel at ease. I truly enjoy seeing them every six months!”

– G. McBride


“Stillwater dental associates are like family to us! I have never enjoyed the dentist, but they are so gentle and caring. They all want to help overall health by improving dental health! My girls want to stop by and say “Hi” even when we don’t have an appointment! This is an amazing place I highly recommend!”

– The Tharp Family