Sweets are abundant during the holiday season and staying healthy can be a challenge! With all the card writing and present wrapping, it can be hard to focus on you and your family’s health.  Hermey the Elf has joined forces with the American Dental Association and come up with a list of things you can do to keep yourself healthy during the holidays!  You might remember that Hermey the Elf dreamed of becoming a dentist and helping people with their teeth.  In 2014, the ADA awarded Hermey with a Dental Do Gooder (DDG) for his commitment to the dental industry.  Listed below are the ideas Hermey and the ADA compiled for you:

Have a routine.  Hermey brushes two times a day and it’s pretty easy to follow his lead!  This is what keeps your teeth and gums healthy all year long,  especially in December!  Keep a toothbrush at work and brush after lunch, or make a habit of brushing before you put your jammies on! Remember to use fluoride toothpaste that has earned the ADA Seal of Acceptance.

Choose the carrots.  Rudolph loves them and Santa should too!  Sweets are wonderful holiday treats, but they can cause havoc on your teeth.  Choose veggies and your teeth will thank you!

Don’t forget the dentist.  The holiday season is busy, so be sure to schedule your dentist appointments regularly and make time for them!   Find a dentist office you love and visit them regularly!

Drink Water. Water with fluoride is a much better choice than juices or sodas with a lot of sugar.  This will keep your teeth strong and healthy, and it tastes great!

Protect your teeth.  Wear your mouth guard whenever your playing sports, or “reindeer” games with Hermey!

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